1 Day Courses

Bespoke Incident Courses

We are able to run specific bespoke designed courses at a venue of your choice.

We currently run courses for Airports across the UK, private organisations that have including the oil industry, the United Nations, universities and health services who require training on triage skills, command incident response, hospital incident response, casualty clearing techniques plus many more. 

MIMMS and HMIMMS Provider Courses

The 1-day  MIMMS Team Provider course is designed as an overview of the principles of major incidents for staff in a responder role, not in a command role. It is ideal for nurses, doctors, ambulance staff, Fire Fighters, Airports and other clinical staff who require awareness as a responder. A fact sheet for this course is available here.

Assessment is based on a practical triage test.

The 1-day  Hospital MIMMS Team Provider course is designed as an overview of the principles of major incidents. Team Provider HMIMMS Team Provider HMIMMS exists to give hospital staff the knowledge to plan and train for major incidents. The 1 day Team Provider course is aimed at staff members who will be involved in the major incident team with the hospital. The course is designed to take into account the hospital plan in use at the candidates hospital and is therefore mainly hospital based. The provider includes lectures, workshops and table top exercises.  A fact sheet for this course is available here.

These courses can be run at your site.