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Our 2022/2023 Courses:

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22-23 October 2022 (2-day Advanced MIMMS) London (2 days face to face unless covid restrictions apply and it will be day 1 virtual live face to face, day 2 face to face)

22 October 2022 (1-day Team Provider Hospital MIMMS) London (1 day face to face) 

14-15 January 2023 (2-day Advanced MIMMS) London (2 days face to face)

More dates to follow soon.

1 day HOSPITAL MIMMS and 1 day MIMMS provider courses available at your site all year round from £195 per person

Strategic Commander training available at your site all year round

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Disaster Management Training have been providing MIMMS courses since 2011 with a faculty who have been engaged in MIMMS training since 2000. Disaster Management Training is a faculty dedicated to providing mass casualty, MIMMS training, event planning and major incident training to healthcare professionals. We run some of our courses on behalf of the the Advanced Life Support Group, a charity dedicated to training healthcare workers. We also design bespoke training courses.

Using our real life experiences and exposure to incident management we will teach you the theory, but we are proud to make a difference to your learning experience by uniquely teaching you the reality behind that theory.

Disaster Management Training was created in order continue providing over twenty years worth of passionate MIMMS course training and additional bespoke training to those who wish to have real life experience training.

We also run courses internationally.

For further information on the types of MIMMS courses provided by Disaster Management Training click About MIMMS or About HMIMMS courses or to go straight to booking your course click Book up a course.

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